TREAT: Album Release April 8th 2022 !
2 more videos from TREAT will also be released March 15th and April 8th !

THERION is continuing recording the Trilogy of "Leviathan" !
GROUNDBREAKER - The new album was released on November 12th 2021
STALKER - Full album released !
AB/CD - 11 new songs are recorded. The singles "21 Gun Salute" and "My Way To Hell are released !
ZINNY ZAN - The new album "Lullabies For The Masses" is released !
RICK ALTZI -  The Album was released March 25th !
MASQUE OF ART - The singles "We live in America" and "Don´t Let it Rain" are now released !
DOKTOR BAJSKORV (Children´s Music) 3 new songs will be released this spring !
The title song now has over 2,8 million streams on Spotify - Only in swedish !

*Nalle has also started the recording of a prog rock album with former Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) keyboard player John Taylor from England !
*Nalle is also continuing recording the solo album with Paolo Ferrarotti from the italian band Il Castillo Di Atlante. Prog Rock !
Nalle will also lay down the bass track, 1 song for a forthcoming instrumental album with
Martin Hall
Soon Nalle will also join Nanne Grönvall for a recording at Rixmixningsverket, Skeppsholmen

*Nalle is withdrawing from touring with Therion (August 2019)


On May 26th 2019 the biography of Nalle Påhlsson was released in Spanish - Written by Mariana Luzuriaga
The English version is NOW AVAILABLE !
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